Dog Boarding
A Happy Dog Day Camp and Dog Boarding strives to provide first class care to
friendly dogs.

Overnight dogs participate in dog daycare during the day interacting with other
daycare and boarding dogs, therefore, they must be friendly to other dogs and
staff!  Doggies staying overnight get lots of love and attention from our staff and
8 hours or more of playtime a day.  Rest assured your pup will be having a great

Your dog will need
1. Current vaccination records for:
  • Rabies
  • Distemper/Parvo
  • Bordetella
  • Flea Tick and Lice Preventative from the vet or over the counter. Please use the
    brand of your preference.
2. Camp Enrollment Forms
3. Food with instructions
4. Reservations, call today!  
  • 907-337-2267 Midtown Anchorage Dog Daycare and Boarding
  • 907-336-2267 Southside Anchorage Dog Daycare and Boarding

Anchorage Dog Boarding
$30 per day
$20 per additional dog

Check Out Time:
If you check out before 10am, no
charge for last day.

Long Term Boarding:
$500 per dog for 30 contiguous days
Dog Boarding Anchorage
A Happy Dog Day Camp and Boarding
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